The most affordable business telephone line solution in South Africa 

Our business telephone lines are a premier telecommunications connectivity solution to traditional “telco” fixed line services, and an alternative telephone solution to Telkom copper lines that get stolen or are not working.

Our telephone lines make use of proven first tier technology and networks using ICASA-licensed tier-one networks. This ensures quality, reliability and improved stability compared to copper telephone lines.

Our clients get all the features of a first tier telephone network, but also with meticulous personal service levels and much more competitive pricing. 

Take control of your telephone needs

Reduce your telephony costs with our simple cost effective telephone lines which have cheaper line rentals and cheaper telephone call rates, with pure per second billing.

Business telephone line rental pricing comparison 

R262.28 - Telkom business line rental.

R4.39 - Telkom call waiting per line.

R4.39 - Telkom forward call per line.

R8.64 - Telkom CLI per line.

R159.95 - Our line rental including Call Waiting, Caller Line Identity and Forward Call.

Business telephone call rates pricing comparison

R0.55c - Telkom local calls.

R0.38c - Our local calls.

R0.55c - Telkom national calls.

R0.38c - Our national calls.

R1.15c - Telkom mobile calls

R0.86c - Our mobile calls.

International calls - Up to 40% cheaper, dependant on destination.

Our telephone calls are billed per second. You only pay for the actual seconds you speak, and not for the full minute like Telkom bills.

Keep your existing Telkom numbers

We port your existing Telkom number over to your new telephone lines - this means you keep your same Telkom telephone number for life, no matter where you relocate to in South Africa.

R195.00 - Porting once off.
R29.00 - Ported telephone numbers network maintenance fee per month.

Some good reasons why it is time to change to our telephone lines 

  • Keep your same telephone numbers.
  • Proven first tier technology and networks.
  • Alternative for fixed lines (Telkom is stopping copper lines).  
  • Less risk of your PABX system being damaged by lightning.
  • No risk of cable theft.
  • Highly competitive rates.
  • Fast and efficient installations.
  • Never miss an incoming call - your incoming calls are automatically forwarded to your cellphone, when your lines are out of order.
  • FREE Life time maintenance included.
  • FREE Hunting included (Allows multiple callers to dial in).
  • FREE Caller Line Identity included (Shows incoming caller’s telephone number). 

All pricing is excluding Vat @ 15%.

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