Phone System Rentals, Hire. Phone System Rental, Hire. Phone Systems To Rental, Hire.

South African Telecoms offers phone system equipment rental/hire finance to supply the demand for affordable phone systems to our clients. Phone system rentals, hire. Phone systems to rent, hire. Phone system rental, hire. South African Telecoms is a telecommunications company that provides and offers a wide range of phone system rentals/hire payment options to businesses in South Africa. South African Telecoms Is a telecommunications company providing and offering phone system monthly rentals, and hired finance payment options. We assist you in financing your phone system which enables you to pay it off in easy monthly installments. We offer various rental asset finance funding options to suite your budget. Low rentals payable on a monthly basis. Contact us for a rental price and to order a phone system, complete our rental application order form.

Phone System Rental Pricing 

We offer phone system equipment rental asset finance funding starting from R399.00 per month. Instead of laying out cash upfront you can rent/hire a phone system from us which make is more affordable to meet your monthly budget. We have various rental period options starting from 36 months, 48 months and 60 months rental payment plans. The shorter your rental period will mean your rental amount is slightly higher per month for the shorter term. A 36 month rental starts at R495.00 where a 48 month rental can be around R449.00 per month excluding vat.

Advantages of Renting A Phone System

We offer comprehensive phone system rental finance solutions to the market. Phone system rentals include numerous benefits and advantages. Phone system rentals have numerous benefits, which include:

  • No deposit. Conservation of working capital.
  •  There is no need to outlay working capital on rapidly depreciating items. A rental finance service requires no deposit which means that there is no impact on your cash flow.
  • Tax advantages.
  • A rental is considered as an operating expense and is therefore fully tax deductible.
  • Off balance sheet financing.
  • Phone system rental is an operating expense. A rental finance service keeps all equipment assets with little intrinsic value off your balance sheet, thus avoiding the negativity of high gearing.
  • Simplicity. We take care of all paperwork requirements, leaving you free to focus on running your business.
  • Upgrade to new technology whenever needed.
  • Modern Office technology become rapidly obsolete, phone system rental allows companies to upgrade to the most up to date technology without taking large capital losses.
  • Phone System equipment rental. We offer rental payment options with various terms on most of our Phone System brands.
  • Price. Equipment rental is usually a cheaper option than conventional financing.

Phone System Rentals / Phone Systems To Rent

We provide phone system rentals, hire pricing starting from R399.00 excluding vat per month.

What Is Included In Your Phone System Rental Price?

  1. Phone system equipment rental includes: 
  2. A Phone system handset console for the receptionist, operator.
  3. Desktop or wireless extension handsets.
  4. A UPS for power surge protection.
  5. Lightning protection equipment.
  6. Installation and service.
  7. Training with user guides.
  8. One year free comprehensive maintenance plan, which included all call outs.
  9. One year equipment hardware warranty.
  10. Lifetime remote login maintenance and service plan.

Rental Payment Options Offered On Most Of Our Phone System Brands

South African Telecoms is a phone system business phone system company who provides rental, hire payment options on various phone system makes such as Samsung, NEC, Siemens, Panasonic, South African Telecoms iServ, Yeastar, Alcatel, Yealink, VoIP and IP PBX brands.

Why Rent A Phone System Instead Of Paying Cash?

Instead of laying out cash from your business cash flow, we offer our phone systems on a rental hire payment options, which allows you to budget monthly for your phone system expense. When you rent from us installation is included in the rental price. 

Phone System Phone Systems To Rent, Hire

South African Telecoms is a telecommunications company that sells and supplies a wide range of phone system rental, hire payment options. We rent, hire to start-up/new businesses, small office businesses, SME medium businesses, large businesses and corporate businesses.

Phone System Rental Payment Options

We have various rental period payment plans to suite your budget, consisting of 36 months, 48 months and 60 months options. The shorter the rental period, the higher your rental amount will be per month.

Phone System Rental Quotes and Quotations

We offer rental, hire quotes and quotations on most of our phone systems. Get a rental quote and price with a rental, hire finance payment plan by completing our online quote request application form. Click Here To Request A Phone System Rental Quotation

Rental Phone System Installations and Service

South African Telecoms offers installations and services on all our rental phone systems. We provide installations and service in all towns and cities throughout South African.

Oder A Rental Phone System

You can order a phone system to rent from us by completing our online quote application request form (CLICK HERE) or by calling our offices on our contact phone numbers, 0102860455 Johannesburg, 0212860104 Cape Town, 0312860007 Durban, 0120350217 Pretoria, 0130130080 Nelspruit, 0513470200 Bloemfontein or 0839007518 national for other areas. CLICK HERE to view our contact phone numbers. You can also send us an email to requesting a rental phone system quotation.

Order Here

Please download our rental order application form below to place a phone system rental order. Once completed, email the rental application to for processing.

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