Hunting facilities

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How do hunting facilities work?

Firstly we need to look at how hunting facilities work. Most companies advertise only their main telephone number for callers to contact them on.

Hunting facilities allows incoming calls ringing through to your main switchboard number, to hunt over to the following available telephone lines on your PABX. One hunting service is required per analogue telephone line. 

For example if your main telephone line is busy at the time a second or third call comes in, these calls will then hunt from the first line onto the second, and then the third etc, until there is an available line for the call to ring through on. If there are no available lines at the time, the caller will receive an engaged tone. 

If you are making use of DDI numbers, one could advertise any of the numbers in the DDI range allocated to you, as calls coming in on the DDI numbers will always ring through to the first available telephone line or channel.